Customer Question: Can you leave an inflatable over night?

We have been asked several times to leave an inflatable rentals over night. This post will go into detail why we do not allow this.

We do not leave any equipment over night. There are a number of reasons why we do not leave any inflatables overnight which we will cover in this post. The main reason we do not leave inflatables over night is because of liability. Our release of liability states that the inflatable will be supervised at all times, but if an inflatable is left overnight then the unit will not be supervised at all times. Liability from a safety standpoint is that children playing on inflatables in the dark increase the chances that someone may get hurt. Lastly, weather is another reason we do not leave anything overnight. The Florida panhandle area is very moist at night and will cause the units to become very wet causing extensive cleaning to be done.


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