Inflatable Safety – How we keep your kids Safe

Inflatable Safety – What we do to keep them safe                        

With the recent news articles deeming inflatable rentals unsafe, we thought we would share on how we keep our inflatables from blowing away or tipping over. We recently attended an event where the organization used another inflatable rental company in the area and it made me sick to see they were not using anything to keep the inflatable secured to the ground. The winds were very strong that day and many children were in the bounce house, it would have taken one big gust of wind to send the bounce house flying in the air with the children inside. This type of rental operator is giving the industry a bad name.

Inflatables are safe when operated properly. At Fun 4 All Inflatables safety is our number one priority. Below you can see some of the items that we use to secure our units for safe operation. We use sandbags or water bags when the inflatables are set up on concrete, indoors, sand, or soft soil. We use 18 inch stakes when the inflatable is used on grass. Manufactures have inserted anchor points on every inflatable that is made for reason. We use all these anchor points to secure our inflatables so the children can have a safe, but fun time. When choosing an inflatable rental companies always ask if they have liability coverage as well as commercial grade inflatables. If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your children when it comes to renting inflatables please contact us with your questions.

 Inflatable Water bags inflatable stakes inflatable sandbags


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